Our Story

tori 12I am trying to bring my husband back home and I need help. My husband has a 20 year ban and has never committed any crimes here in the USA or in Honduras where he is from. When he originally crossed the border in 2005 he turned himself in wanting to apply for TPS and was told it had already closed but he was given permission to stay and told he would have to return and go to court the following year. Because my husband Roberto knew only one person in New York he went there and due to moving numerous times he lost the paper he was given by ICE agents and this was the only reason he missed that court date. He did not know who to contact or what to do. We were married in 2008 and began filing papers right away, we had an approved I-130 in 2009 and have been trying to do the right thing for years. ICE showed up at my home on January 26, 2012 and took my husband and deported him.

My daughter Victoria has been having health issues since he was taken and the doctor says it is due to stress. I have been diagnosed as being clinically depressed and
put on 2 different  medications, 4 pills a day but the doctor said the only thing that will cure this is having my family reunited. We have always been good, hard tori 2working christian people and had we not been filing the papers trying to do the right thing then this would not have happen. Please I need help. Me and my daughter have lost everything. We have had to move out of our home, sell almost all our belongings and most importantly we have lost my husband, her daddy.

Immigration Reform this year needs to make sure it includes US Citizen families like me that are separated from their family. If those living in this country undocumented are going to get legalization, why shouldn’t actual American Citizens also be given just as much. We expect to be treated just as equally as anyone else in the reform.


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